Green Pasta

This is NOT pesto. Arugula, parsley, chives and leeks make this fabulously green, bosky and fresh-tasting sauce for pasta. Even better yet, it’s total fast lane cooking.

Chicken Stock

There’s nothing quite like homemade chicken stock! It’s instantly comforting for soups and stews, but has a never-ending list of other uses and the smell of it simmering alone is enough to relax you!

Garlic Oil

Having garlic infused olive oil on hand makes adding garlic flavor to anything ridiculously easy (because mincing or grating garlic can just be too demanding sometimes).

Slow-Roasted Asian Country-Style Pork Ribs

An inexpensive but flavorful cut of pork is marinaded in a punchy Asian marinade before being slow roasted, making it soooo tender. Don’t let the timing fool you–this is so easy and requires very little attention from you!


A big pot of melty, cheesy fondue is not only pleasurably novel, but also an instant hit for anyone you’re feeding!