Basil Mayo

This tastes like summer. Homemade mayonnaise perfumed with spicy-sweet basil. Can you just imagine this on a tomato sandwich?


A great way to use up your summer cucumber crop, incredibly quick, and intensely flavorful—perfect in every way.

Risotto del Mar

My ideal image of not only the perfect risotto but also my ultimate comfort food would have to be a big bowl of creamy, luxurious risotto, clattering about in my bowl from the sounds of shells clanking around, offering up their tenderly sweet but briney decadence – piccoli gioielli del mare!

Rosé-Braised Pork Shoulder

A deliciously fatty pork shoulder, braised in fruity and floral rosé, flavored with garlic, thyme, and anchovies, make a meaty, mellow, and comforting low-effort winter dinner.