Lone L’orange

A speedy twist on the classic French dish for nights of solitary indulgence.

Orange Ricotta Cheesecake

An incredibly easy but ridiculously delicious (and very authentic) Italian cheesecake. Made entirely of ricotta, flavored with orange and vanilla, and served with a decadent chocolate sauce this is sure to become a favorite!

Herbed Sicilian Butterflied Turkey

Butterflying a turkey cuts down the cooking time considerably, and it’s a good thing! This herby Sicilian-inspired one is so good. You’re not going to want to wait!

Ginger-Cardamom Asian Pear Hand Pies

These little pies have a warming, aromatic spice from ground ginger and cardamom, and the snappy sweetness of Asian pears for a twist on a classic comfort food.

No-Bake Chocolate Creamsicle Pie

A no-stress, no-bake orange creamsicle pie with a chocolate crust. Not only is it bursting with the fresh essence of oranges but it’s also easy as pie (but easier!).