Rotten Apples

Honeycrisp apples stuffed with fall-flavors—pork, sage, cranberries—and roasted until soft. Perfect for fall or Halloween. Just imagine telling everyone Rotten Apples are for dinner! Trick or Treat!

Bones & Body Parts

Campiness aside, these are a surefire hit. Sweet, sticky, spicy, savory… They’ve got everything you need for the perfect party food.

Roasted Chicken & Cider Gravy

If you’re having just a small holiday get-together, be it a pre-holiday celebration with a few friends or members of the family that you won’t be spending “the” day with, this is perfect. Perfectly cooked chicken, crispy skin, and a savory-sweet gravy that is out of this world.

Cider Mill Martini

This is the essence of autumn; sweet and sharp apple cider, warmth from whiskey and a spike from a cinnamon-ginger syrup.